Help Us Improve

The Perry County Fiscal Court believes the more people share ideas and have community concerns about life in Perry County, then we can work together to make our County thrive and be more prosperous.  Any and all topics are open for discussion.  Whether it is a suggestion to make something better by fixing a problem or a suggestion for something new, let’s talk about how together we can improve Perry County.

By working together, we can help ensure greater political accountability and transparency at all levels of local government, including those who are elected and those who are public employees.  By working together, we can help establish priorities, set policies and follow procedures.  By having our voices heard, we can help ensure that our tax dollars are spent wisely.

Use this forum to share your good ideas.  By working together, we can make things better for Perry County and for everyone who lives and works here!

Thanks for your participation!


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Help Us Improve