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The Coalfields Industrial Park

The Coal Fields Regional Industrial Park is a partnership of the Kentucky River District counties of Perry, Leslie, Knott, Breathitt and Harlan. Located 10.7 miles northwest of Hazard in Perry County, the park consists of over 385 acres. Utilities existing in the park include: 69 kV and 138kV with dual feed available from one substation supplied by Kentucky Power, 8 inch and 12 inch water lines with an average daily flow of 3.85 million gpd and excess capacity of 1.2 million gpd, and 8 inch and 10 inch gravity sewer lines with a treatment capacity of 3 million gpd, an average flow of 1.78 million gpd and an excess capacity of 1.22 million gpd. Natural gas is currently not installed, but readily available if needed.  Television service is supplied by United Cable and broadband by Windstream.  The Park is also served by the Wendell H. Ford airport, which features a 5,500 foot main runway.  The Park’s current tenants include Sykes, Inc., FedEx Distribution Center, Scott King Equipment, Hurley Electrical Contracting, and AODD Transport. All environmental and archaeological surveys have been done with any applicable mitigation plans completed. Citing the June 2018 Bureau of Labor Statistics chart, Perry County has a laborshed workforce 5f 51,444. The laborshed is defined as areas within a 60-minute drive.

woodmark3.jpgOne building in the Coalfields Industrial Park currently available was previously occupied by American Woodmark.  The 200,000 square-foot building was constructed in 2002 and sits on approximately 32 acres.

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