The following information provides a snapshot of the demography of Perry County.

  • From 2009 through 2014, personal income increased by 10.4% (Source: Bureau of the Census)
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows all industries in 2013 had an average weekly wage of $713
  • Perry County is served by two school districts: the Hazard Independent School District and the Perry County School District
  • Perry County has an average graduation rate of 92.5%, the rate of those holding the National Career Readiness Certificate is 31.8%, and the educational attainment was 23.2%
  • The 2014 fall enrollment at Hazard Community & Technical College was 3,462 students
  • The major employers in Perry County are healthcare-related and employ approximately 25% of the workforce
  • Research has found that Perry County has a highly competent and dedicated workforce possessing skills desirable to new and relocating manufacturing, healthcare and service industries

Workforce Data

Labor market counties are composed of counties which significantly exist within the sixty (60) minute drive range of the originating county’s county seat. A county will be included within the radius if the centroid point of a county (a point representing the center of the geographic area of a county) falls within the drive zone. Additionally, all contiguous counties will be classified as part of the labor market with the exception of non-Kentucky contiguous counties which have been excluded by the above mentioned 60-minute drive range and have a border with the Mississippi and/or Ohio Rivers.

​Civilian Labor Force

    Perry County Labor Market Area  
  2017 Jun. 2018 2017 Jun. 2018  
  Civilian Labor Force 8,648 8,518 52,000 51,444  
  Employed 7,936 7,898 47,499 47,306  
  Unemployed 712 620 4,501 4,138  
  Unemployment Rate (%) 8.2 7.3 8.7 8.0  
  Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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