Perry County 911

County 911 Director

Missy Blair-Knight
481 Main Street, 1st Floor
Hazard, Kentucky 41701
(606) 439-4986


The “E” stands for “enhanced”, which automatically provides the operator with the calling telephone number and address. 911 is the accepted world-wide emergency calling number designed for the purpose of those seeking assistance during emergency situations. 911 is to be used for routine inquiries and administrative matters.

911 simplifies the dialing (calling) process when time is of the essence, and is easily usable by the elderly, youth and handicapped.

As your “911” call is answered by a trained telecommunicator, the name, telephone number and address immediately appears on a visible screen in front of the telecommunicator answering your call. In Perry County, a map showing the exact location of the calling party also appears on a screen. This feature also applies to cellular telephone calls received in Perry County

Upon the answering of your call, the nature of the call is quickly analyzed and all the emergency responders are immediately dispatched to your needs. The telecommunicator can remain in contact with the caller and with the emergency responder as long as the emergency requires.

Should the caller not be able to complete the call or remain on the telephone, the communicator will immediately dispatch an emergency responder to the address of the calling person.

Should your location not be properly identified with your address, valuable time may be lost while the emergency responders are looking for your location.


​Did you know...

In January, the Perry County 911 Center answered a total of 1,770 calls.

For the month of February, Perry County 911 answered 1,415 calls.

For the month of March, the 911 team answered 1,715 calls for assistance.

For the month of April, Perry County 911 assisted the citizens of Perry County by answering 1,805 calls.

In May, 1,850 calls were answered by Perry County E911 employees.

Perry County's E-911 employees responded to 1,721 calls for the month of June!

Perry County E-911 answered 1,886 calls in the month of July.

For the month of August, Perry County E911 answered 1,875 calls. In addition, the volunteer fire departments responded to 167 calls. We are "Perry Proud" of the work these organizations do for all of us!