Perry County 5-Year Strategic Plan (2017-2022)

It is a main focus of the Perry County Fiscal Court to coordinate and bring together the visions of our county’s leadership in providing new and exciting economic opportunities for Perry County. It is the County’s mission to build a business and industry climate that will create positive economic growth that is sustainable and provides a better quality of life for the citizens of Perry County.
The Perry County Economic Matrix Implementation Manual (The Manual) is a 5-year strategic plan that has been developed to make us aware of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that are crucial in either helping us or preventing us from reaching our goals. The Manual provides action steps to market the county’s assets, target business and industry, and evaluate progress along the pathway.

What is The Manual?
The Manual can be viewed as an economic development roadmap which resulted out of data gathering and the collaboration of both the public and private sectors. The Manual is the “voice of the people”. The Manual is the culmination of extensive interviews and surveys, research of economic development work in other areas, and strategic planning.

What are the goals of The Manual?
The goals of The Manual include:

  • Measurable performance indicators;
  • A focus on issues that affect the success or failure of positive economic development;
  • Partnerships between public and private entities, local government leaders, agencies and boards;
  • Creation of a stronger and united economic development team.

What businesses will be targeted by The Manual?
Small businesses employ nearly 60 percent of the nation's workforce.  A thriving small business community encourages innovation and creativity, attracts and retains young professionals, and leads to more active and engaged neighborhoods.  Perry County has several areas that could accommodate small to mid-size manufacturing.  Given our beautiful landscape, opportunities also exist in adventure tourism.

What support exists for small business?
The Hazard-Perry County Chamber of Commerce is home to a comprehensive small business resource center with services to keep you informed of business and community activities and issues affecting business in the Hazard/Perry County area.  It brings together the creative energies of the business community to accomplish major projects that cannot be accomplished individually.  It provides a Membership Directory at no charge, listing members by name and category.  Workshops and seminars are held to help businesses.

The Perry County Fiscal Court is also committed to seeing our existing businesses thrive and grow.  The Manual contains a dedicated plan for business retention and expansion.

Why is talent important to Perry County?
Having a dedicated workforce is a competitive advantage when trying to attract new businesses. Being able to retain and attract talent is extremely important for existing businesses and for businesses potentially looking to relocate their operations or grow their business here.

What are we doing to attract talent to Perry County?
The Perry County Fiscal Court is committed to:

  • Working with educational institutions to identify and overcome challenges in our educational system;
  • Supporting programs that provide quality educational opportunities;
  • Supporting improved infrastructure and unique amenities;
  • Working with partner organizations to attract visitors and potential new residents;
  • Supporting emerging businesses that promote creativity and innovation that young professionals find appealing.

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Perry County 5-Year Strategic Plan (2017-2022)