What Magisterial District am I in?

Magisterial Districts are shown from top to bottom: District 1, District 2, and District 3. You can also use the lower map to find your community.

District 1 Voting Precincts: Ary, Buckhorn, Bulan, Busy, Butterfly, Chavies, Dice, Dwarf, Grapevine, Hardburly, Krypton, Rowdy, Yerkes. Your magistrate is Don Miller. Get his contact information HERE.
District 2 Voting Precincts: Airport Gardens, Avawam, Bonnyman, City Hall, Combs, Courthouse, Farmertown, Gym, Library, Lotts Creek, Medical Center, Turner, Walkertown. Your magistrate is Ronald Combs. Get his contact information HERE.
District 3 Voting Precincts: Big Leatherwood, Christopher, Cornettsville, Fusonia, Happy, Jeff, Lothair, Rogers Branch, Town Mountain, Vicco, Viper. Your magistrate is Clayton Church. Get his contact information HERE.