​From the Kentucky Constitution, Section 144 states:
“Counties shall have a Fiscal Court, which may consist of the Judge of the County Court and the Justices of the Peace, in which Court the Judge of the County Court shall preside, if present; or a county may have three Commissioners, to be elected from the county at large, who, together with the Judge of the County Court, shall constitute the Fiscal Court. A majority of the members of said Court shall constitute a Court for the transaction of business. But where, for county governmental purposes, a city is by law separated from the remainder of the county, such Commissioners may be elected from the part of the county outside of such city.“
Text as Ratified on: August 3, 1891, and revised September 28, 1891.


Under the Kentucky Constitution, Perry County uses the Fiscal Court, a County Judge Executive, and Justices of the Peace. The County Judge Executive no longer has judicial power and the Justices of the Peace are now called magistrates. The County Judge Executive serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the county and, since Perry County is divided into three districts, there is a magistrate for each district. The County Judge Executive and magistrates are elected by the people.

The Perry County Fiscal Court oversees the county budget, establishing policy, county roads, county parks, public safety, and many other services that provide quality of life for its citizens.

The Perry County Fiscal Court consists of County Judge Executive Scott Alexander (center), District 1 Magistrate Don Miller (right), District 2 Magistrate Ronald Combs (left), District 3 Magistrate Clayton Church (center), and County Attorney John Carl Shackelford (not pictured).