Kentucky River Regional Jail


200 Justice Drive
Hazard, Kentucky 41701
Phone: (606) 436-0622



Inmate Search

County Jailer


Dexter Howard
1248 KY Hwy 28
Hazard, KY 41701
(606) 436-0622 - Office
(606) 435-8314 - Fax

Kentucky River Regional Jail has a capacity of 150 inmates, which means this is the maximum amount of beds per facility. Prisoners are housed in separate areas depending on the crimes they committed, their current risk assessment, and their behavior.

If you have a family or loved one that is currently incarcerated at Kentucky River Regional Jail, the first thing you should do is contact the KRRJ for information on the inmate. Based on the information you are provided, you would then contact either a criminal defense lawyer or a bail bond service. They will provide you with vital information which can be used to defend an individual and in a lot of cases get them released from detention while awaiting trial.

Kentucky River Regional Jail Facility and Inmate Contact Information:

Phone Number to Reach this Facility is:
Telephone Numbers 606-436-0622 or 606-436-4032
Fax Number 606-435-8314

Send Mail to KRRJ (not inmates):

Kentucky River Regional Jail
200 Justice Drive
Hazard, KY 41701

To Send Mail to an Inmate at KRRJ:

(please get a list of acceptable mail from the facility)
Kentucky River Regional Jail
Inmate Name, Inmate ID #
200 Justice Drive
Hazard, KY 41701

‚ÄčIn 2018, did you know...

For the month of January, the Kentucky River Regional Jail work crew dug 11 graves in Perry County and collected 152 bags of roadside garbage. They cleaned up at Memorial Gym and Crawford Mountain and helped remove snow and ice at the courthouse and Justice Center. Finally, they helped distributed approximately 10,000 cases of water.

In the month of February, the KRRJ work crews dug 14 graves in Perry County and filled in another 4 graves. They also loaded a 40-foot trailer with tires at the Perry County Garage and assisted in the cleanup of mud and sand from the tennis courts caused by the recent flooding. Finally, they picked up 85 bags of garbage from Upper Second Creek, Route 550 and Crawford Mountain.

In March, the Kentucky River Regional Jail work crew dug 22 graves. While working in the cemeteries, they also try to set up headstones that have fallen and clean up any fallen debris. In addition they also went back to several of the cemeteries to clean up the excess dirt on the newly-dug graves. Finally, the work crew cut the baseball field at Buckhorn High School and picked up 86 bags of garbage along Perry County roads.

For the month of April, the KRRJ crews completed the following: *dug 13 graves at 31 cemeteries, they cut grass and weeds, removed fallen trees and branches, filled several sunken graves and removed excess dirt from grave sites *removed several trees downed by the storm in Maces Creek *cut weeds at the ball fields at both Buckhorn School and Hazard High School and at Viper Elementary *cut weeds at several churches, the Leatherwood Park and Brashearville battlefield, as well as Eagles Landing *picked up many bags of trash throughout the county *set up tents for several local events.

In preparation for Memorial Day, the KRRJ crews (both men and women) worked 7 days a week, accruing approximately 4,000 man-hours. For the month of May, the work crews cut grass and/or weeds at the following: *entrance to Industrial Park and around islands throughout the park, *Cornettsville Park & Battlefield (twice), *Hardburly Park, *banks at both VFW Club & Veterans Center, *Eagles Landing Campground, *Perry County Garage, *Twin Rocks Bible Camp, *Hazard High School baseball fields (twice), *Leatherwood, R.W. Combs and Robinson schools, *Old Dilce Combs High School and Whitaker Athletic Center, *Crawford Mountain (also picked up trash), *9 Perry County churches, *249 cemeteries, In addition, the crews dug 15 graves.

For the month of June, the KRRJ work crews: *dug 21 graves, *helped clean up a dump site at Forked Mouth, *picked up trash on Crawford Mountain, *loaded a trailer with tires at County Garage, *filled in sunken graves, removed fallen trees and excess dirt at several cemeteries, *put up tents for various events across the county, and *cleaned up around Memorial Gym. They also cut grass/weeds at: *71 cemeteries, *12 churches, *Buckhorn School, Hazard Middle and Viper Elementary, *the ball fields at Hazard HS, Memorial Gym and the Pavilion, *government cemeteries at Saul and Buckhorn, *both ends of Woodland Park and George's Branch Bridge, *Crawford Mountain, *City basketball courts, *Hazard Fire Training Center, *Animal Shelter, *Industrial Park, *banks at East Kentucky Veterans Center, *Lost Creek, Grapevine-Chavies and Vicco Volunteer Fire Departments, *Vicco City Park, *Twin Rocks Bible Camp, and *all the welcome signs coming into Perry County. The female work crew also took care of Perry County Park, Eagles Landing Park and Cornettsville Park as needed on a daily basis.

For the month of July, the KRRJ crews cut: *92 cemeteries and removed several fallen trees, *11 churches, *2 volunteer fire departments: Grapevine/Chavies & Viper, *Buckhorn Clinic, *Perry County Garage, *Helipads at Viper and Whitaker Bank, *Twin Rocks Bible Camp, *Hazard Middle School, Leatherwood Elementary, Viper Elementary, Robinson Elementary and R.W. Combs Elementary, *Entrance and islands at Industrial Park, *Perry Park Road up to Hazard Health & Rehabilitation. In addition, the crews: *dug 20 graves, *cut grass and cleaned at Galen College of Nursing, Crawford Mountain, Saul Community Center, *cut trees and bushes on Diablock Road in Christopher, *cut Hazard High School football field and cleaned underneath all bleachers, *built steps and handrail at Crawford Cemetery on top of Crawford Mountain. Our female crew has cut and cleaned at Perry County Park, Cornettsville Park, Eagles Landing and Hardburly Park. Supervisor Dexter Howard stated that our female crews work just as hard as the male crews and he would like to recognize them publicly for the work they do.