Perry County Emergency Management

Perry County Emergency Management Director



Jerry Stacy
481 Main Street, 1st Floor
Hazard, Kentucky 41701
(606) 439-1816

The Emergency Manager’s task is to use a variety of resources, techniques and skills to create a team of agencies and organizations who work through a process of steps that reduces the probability and impact of extreme events – and should a disaster occur, brings about a quick restoration of routines.


Perry County has instituted a new rapid emergency notification service called CodeRED®. The new system will distribute emergency messages via telephone to targeted areas or the entire county at a rate of 1,000 calls per minute. CodeRED® employs a one-of-a-kind Internet mapping capability for geographic targeting of calls, coupled with a high speed telephone calling system capable of delivering customized pre-recorded emergency messages directly to homes and businesses, live individuals and answering machines.

By registering, you’ll be added to the emergency call list.

This service can be used in case of fires, chemical spills, evacuations, lock downs, downed power lines, lost individuals, natural disasters, abductions, water system problems, bomb threats, or other emergencies. Calls can be geographically targeted for localized messaging. If widespread, the entire community could be called within 20 to 30 minutes. The system also reports who did not get a call so that they may be contacted by other means.

Perry County residents are welcome and encouraged to enter their contact information for home, business, and mobile phones so they may be contacted by the system in the event of an emergency. It is important for city residents and businesses customers to register, especially if they use unlisted numbers, cell phones, or VOIP. Those who do not register their address and phone number may not be notified with CodeRED® in the case of an emergency. Registration is confidential, free, and easy.

The CodeRED® Weather Warning system is an OPT-IN ONLY weather waring product that taps into the National Weather Service's Storm Based Warnings. CodeRED® Weather Warning automatically alerts affected citizens in the path of severe weather just moments after a warning has been issued. You will ONLY be notified of severe weather warnings selected when you go through the Community Notification Enrollment Page.

If you are not in our telephone database and do not want to be in our database, you don’t need to do anything, and the CodeRED® system will not call you. However, if you are in our database, and you do not want to be in our database and be contacted by CodeRED®, you must fill out a Do Not Call Form. Once you fill out the form, return it to Perry County Emergency Management, PO Drawer 210, Hazard, KY 41702. The form will then be forwarded to CodeRED® for processing. Please allow time for your number to be removed from our database.

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Perry County applied for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Public Assistance (PA) Program funding through Kentucky Emergency Management (KYEM) as a sub- recipient - Project Title: [239929] DR4595 - Perry County Washed out and Damag​ed Culverts District# 2 - work has been completed. Please click FEMA 20220207 4595KY PW484 PN239929 Final Public Notice.docx ​to see the FINAL NOTICE. Comments are solicited from the public, local, state and federal agencies, and other interested parties in order to consider and evaluate the impacts of the proposed project.​

Perry County Emergency Management