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Scott2.jpgHello! I am Scott Alexander, Perry County Judge Executive, and I'd like to take just a couple minutes of your time to look back at a few highlights of the year 2015. Despite the budget shortfalls and lack of revenue from coal severance tax, we were still able to accomplish a great many things in Perry County in this, my first year in office.

One of our biggest goals was to clean up Perry County so, in addition to the annual spring cleanup, this year we held several mini-cleanup days. At the end of November, we had collected over 8,000 bags of trash this year! We've also done a great deal of work cleaning up our riverbanks and we have placed cameras at known or suspected dump sites across the county.

We've tried to add some sources of local entertainment and we've managed to keep them free or very inexpensive so the the good people of Perry County don't have to leave home to find something fun to do. This summer, with the help of some local churches and Hazard/Perry County Tourism, we held a couple of free events in the park with movies and music for our young people. We held our very first Perry County Fair in June; it was a 3-day event and it was a huge success! We also hosted a Haunted Jail every weekend in October. Just this month, we added a Story Book Walk in the park around the walking track. The first story was, appropriately for the season, “The Night Before Christmas” but the books will change throughout the year and families can enjoy this experience, walking and reading, together. We've also added safety features in the Perry County Park to slow the flow of traffic. In addition, we now have handicap accessibility to the park's restroom and shelters.

We are proud to announce that our Senior Citizens Center was recently selected as Senior Citizens Center of the Year for the Kentucky River Area Development District. And in less than nine months, my office has applied for and received over $600,000 in grants! This grant money was ear-marked for much-needed improvements in our water and sewer, waste cleanups, homeland security, economic development, transportation alternatives and recreation.

Although it may seem like we have a long way to go, I assure you that we ARE making progress. Socrates said, “the secret to change is to focus all your energy, not on FIGHTING the old, but on BUILDING the new.” Just a LITTLE bit of progress every day adds up to BIG results. We may not be where we want to be yet, but we are closer than we were yesterday. With your continued support and assistance, I promise you that we WILL make Perry County the showcase of eastern Kentucky that it deserves to be.

A message from Judge Alexander

Eagles Landing Campground OPEN MAY 15! Call Kenneth or Debra at (606) 216-7490 for information.

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Please visit the Perry County Fair in June, 2017. A 3-day event with two goals: providing free family-friendly entertainment and opportunities for Perry County non-profits to fundraise for their groups.
Don't forget that the ABSOLUTE DEADLINE for a vendor spot at the Perry County Fair is MAY 15! Go to www.perrycountykyfair.com for information about how to apply.